Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

On January 27, the officers, board of directors and the committee chairpersons met to discuss the activities of the different committees and officers in line with the vision, mission and priority goals of the organization. Some of the major activities presented were:

˙Effective communication networking (Mindanao)

˙Community Outreach activities

˙Intensify membership data collection and subsequent setting-up of database

˙Strengthen local chapters

˙Focus on building up of competency of pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry

˙Setting-up of PPhA website, revival of the Journal of Philippine Pharmaceutical Association and regular issues of the Hygiean newsletter

˙Action research to determine competency needs of community pharmacists

˙Generate relevant researches among students

˙Involve students in national and regional conferences, seminars and meetings

˙Need to re-orient pharmacists on core values necessary for the practice of the profession

˙Advocacy on major drug issues such as counterfeit drugs and medication safety