Sunscreen changes : SPF 50 +

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13 November 2012

Media release

Sunscreen changes: SPF 50+

From today sunscreens sold in Australia will include products authorised to display a new Sun Protection
Factor (SPF) rating of up to 50+.

The changes, announced today by the Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, Catherine King MP,
mean consumers will have a greater choice of sun protection products across the coming summer. There
have been significant developments in sunscreen technology in recent years, which have led to the
development of improved sun protection products, including SPF50+.

SPF50+ sunscreens offer greater protection against both UVA (causes skin damage) and
UVB (causes sunburn) radiation.

Even though there is a higher SPF, new 50+ sunscreens should be used in the same way as the 30+
sunscreens. All sunscreens should be applied liberally and re-applied every two hours as they may rub off
through towelling, swimming or perspiration. Sunscreens that are not water-resistant may need to be used
more often.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has begun accepting applications from sunscreen suppliers and
manufacturers for these new products to be added to the shelves, so it is expected that supplies will begin
appearing in pharmacies before the summer begins.

Products that meet the old standard, SPF 30+, will continue to be available.

SPF30+ sunscreens have always provided high protection from UV radiation and can still be used for highlevel
sun protection providing they have not passed their expiry date or deteriorated due to other reasons.
The National President of the Pharmacy Guild, Kos Sclavos, said: “While the SPF indicates the level of UV
protection, people with sensitive skin and children need to consider other factors when selecting a
sunscreen, and everybody should continue to be smart about their exposure to the sun. For more
information or assistance, always ask your community pharmacist.”

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