Teach The Public to Deal with The Home Disposable Medicines with Six Steps

Reference: Taiwan pharmacists association-Pharmacist Weekly, No.1748,Nov.28,2011

Link: http://www.taiwan-pharma.org.tw/weekly/1748/1748-1-2.htm

Translator: Ting-Yi Liu

In order to disseminate “Do not throw the household expired medicine to the toilet or basin”, TPIP have proposed the approach of “Six steps to deal with the household waste medicines” at current stage to propagate the importance of dealing with household waste medicines and discuss the serious cases of waste medicines. By expectation of pharmacists’ professional guide currently would establish the correct concepts of medicine use for the public, and also educate people to take care of disposable medicines at home by themselves.

The suggestion from advanced countries or from WHO about dealing with expired medicines could be processed by special incinerator. Such as rotary kiln equipment with uniform and effective combustion more than 1200℃, and it could handle the expired medicines of organic compounds with halogens and anti-cancer medicines. Therefore, disposable medicines should still proceed toward the direction of building the incinerator in the future.

TPIP has educated people to deal with the household disposable medicines with six simple steps, and all of 115 “Family medicines check up station” around Taiwan would assist the publics to deal with the home disposable medicines. and the pharmacies would provide the leaflets of the clear steps of waste medicines for the public. Please refer to the internet of http://www.52014.org.tw/.