The Amendment of the NO. 103 Pharmaceutical Law—The government is responsible for the people’s drug safety.

2 March, 2014

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Previously, the Legislation Yuan has approved “No. 775, the propose draft of no. 15933, part of the amend draft of the Pharmaceutical Laws”, which arise great concern and debate upon the sphere of Pharmacy. On December 23th, the pharmacists Association call an urgent conference.


Taiwan Pharmacy Association is worried about due to the fact that the majority people who do traditional Chinese medicine related jobs are not professions who have been trained by proper education and haven’t gone through adequate trainings. As a result, this time’s amendment of law is against the odds and what the current flow goes. According to the new amendment, it claims that if people get the certificate after training, they could get the permission of managing the traditional Chinese medicine and they could take charge on the professions that originally belong to tradition Chinese medicine doctors or pharmacists. By amending the law like this, it would make the low credibility of the examinations of professions and also it would put people in risk when it comes to the safety of drugs. The authority concerned should let the qualified professions (for example, pharmacists or doctors) to maintain and the safety of drugs if the law implies that the management of Chinese Medicine is under the regulation of Pharmaceutical Laws. Pharmaceutical Laws are the professional regulation of drugs and it also regulates the professions. If the government think that the term “Traditional Chinese medicine managers” are ordinary merchants, then they should enact another law to regulate those who consume Chinese medicine or are related to it. The Legislators shouldn’t take the professions into consideration and this act it an insult to the true professions.


Director-general of Pharmacists Association Li, Shu-Ping says that the government should take the drug safety of the people into priority to insure the complete of the whole law and the professional skills of the pharmacists. The authority concerned should make a clear distinguish between commercial activities and professions and need to enact explicit laws to restrict commercial activities like import, export and wholesales. Furthermore, most retails are associated with the drug safety and they needed the supervision of the professions. As a result, the legislator should ament no. 131 Pharmaceutical Law to make sure the members of Traditional Chinese Medicine merchants on the list to insure the quality of the drugs.