Well-deserved honour for outstanding pharmacist

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Well-deserved honour for outstanding pharmacist
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia congratulates pharmacist and Guild Member Mr Gerard Stevens on his Order of Australia award announced today.

Mr Stevens is a well known figure in community pharmacy and has made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the industry for many years. As the developer and designer of the Webster-Pak medication management system, he makes a daily contribution to the quality use of medicines by many thousands of Australians.
The National President of the Guild, Kos Sclavos, said: “My sincere congratulations to Gerard Stevens on this richly deserved award. I speak on behalf of the Guild and all pharmacists in congratulating him on his outstanding contribution to our profession.”MEMBER (AM) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA Mr Gerard Thomas STEVENS

For significant service to the pharmaceutical industry, and to community health.Managing Director, Webstercare Medication Management Systems, since the 1980s.
Chair, Dean’s Community Pharmacy Reference Group, University of Sydney, since 2009.Technical adviser, Department of Health and Ageing, for several years.
Designer, Mirrijini Dispensing System, a medication monitoring system, Aboriginal Health Clinic, Danila Dilba, Queensland Health, 2004; the Mirrijini system is now used in a number of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Health Centres across Australia.

Designed the Webster-Pak multi-dose system and Unit Dose 7 system, in the 1980s; the system uses blister packs that are clearly labelled with patient details and dosage amounts.
Fellow, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, since 2011.
Awards/recognition include:
Lifetime Achievement Award, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 2010.
Ishidata Award for Community Pharmacy, Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations, 2010.
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