Wipe Out Tuberculosis in 2050

The 2011 FIP (international pharmaceutical federation) was held in Indian, which published about 400 articles. The most attractive issue was how to globally fight against tuberculosis and the roles that pharmacists should performed. About 900 million were caught with TB, and 170 million dead for TB yearly, according to the statistics announced by WHO. It means that 5000 people was pass away due to TB.

Besides, about 110 million AIDS patients were infected with TB simultaneously, 60% of which were thus die for TB.

Aggregately, 44000 TB patients were reported with multi-drug resistance every year.

In the past decade, patients dead for TB were decreased to 600 million, the rate of multi-drug resistance subsided to 35%, and the cure rate climbed to 85%. Nevertheless, we still have to endeavor to arrive the milestone that wipe out TB in the 2050.

There are many elements that may affect the cure rate or even produce the result of multi-drug resistance such as the bad medical service, the poor economic condition that effects the patient itself to accept the medical therapy, and the unsuitable drug and dose ordered to the patients.

  1. 1.promote every pharmacist the ability and knowledge about TB so they can thus transfer any suspect to suitable screen test.
  2. 2.Offer patient-oriented medical service and confirm the complement about patient’s drug taking. For example, ask patients take drugs under the supervise of pharmacists, remind to the patients of the right time to take drugs by phone, check the remnants when offer the new drugs. Since these measures may help prevent multi-drugs resistance.
  3. 3.Drive the correct anti-TB drugs such as pharmacists should offer qualified and the pharmacodynamic-combined medical compounds by the therapy indication, or offer to patients with medical orders anti-TB drugs rather than to those who do not have medical prescriptions.
  4. 4.Pharmacists should aggressively attend and assistant the government to promote the anti-TB tactics.

WHO thus suggest in the 2011 FIP that the worldwide pharmacists should cooperate to fight against TB and therefore we may gain the achievement that TB is vanished in the world in 2050.   

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Wipe Out Tuberculosis in 2050