World Health Professions Alliance – Regional Workshop on Counterfeit Medical Products

Title: World Health Professions Alliance …
Date: 2011/04/24
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World Health Professions Alliance –

Regional Workshop on Counterfeit Medical Products


The Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists will be the host organisation of the workshop and will in charge of the logistics, with support from FIP and WHPA.


Taipei, 30th June to 1st July 2011


The regional workshop aim to bring together representatives of national health professions organisations and relevant authorities to:


Share information and examples of initiatives and best practices on the

counterfeit medical products situation throughout the region

Hold a discussion among health professions and relevant authorities

about how to spur action to reduce the infiltration of counterfeit medical products in the region

Collectively commit to prioritizing the issue of counterfeit medical

products through a regional “Call to Action”