New Era in Pharmacy Professional Development and Practice Support

18 March 2012

The opportunity to participate in an exciting new era in pharmacy professional development and practice support is a step closer with the opening of registrations for the Clinical and Practice Expo (CPExpo).

In a strategic decision, CPExpo moves away from the traditional trade exhibit model style event.  The decision was made based on member feedback that this type of format was not meeting their needs.  CPExpo therefore aims to enhance the educational and practice experience through incorporating an integrated learning space as part of the event.

Announcing the opening of registrations, the PSA’s NSW President Professor Charlie Benrimoj declared CPExpo as “the event which will redefine the pharmacy profession’s learning and development experience and importantly give pharmacists the opportunity to select professional services they may wish to implement in their pharmacies and practice.

“CPExpo offers a comprehensive clinical education program, in an interactive and integrated learning space, which focuses on the quality use of medicines, therapeutic updates and clinical and professional services.

“Our interactive and integrated learning space will provide delegates with the opportunity to supplement the educational and practice experience through engagement with patient support groups, community and public health organisations as well as the medical information and pharmacovigilance departments of major pharmaceutical companies,” Professor Benrimoj said.

“CPExpo is all about supporting individual pharmacists to enhance their practice and businesses.  Community pharmacy in particular is facing economic pressures which can be alleviated through the delivery of professional services.”

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New Era in Pharmacy Professional Development and Practice Support