2005 Winner of WPPF/FIP Travel Scholarship ~
Dr. Shane Jackson, Australia


  • practicing community pharmacist, and one part-owner of a rural community pharmacy on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, TAS, Australia.
  • Research Topic:
    “quality use of medicines, patient safety and improving the safety and efficacy of anticoagulants”
  • Research Areas:
    Clinical Pharmacy / Pharmacology / Pharmacy Practice
  • Current work:
    the recipient of an inaugural National Institute of Clinical Studies (NICS) fellowship.

Recent Publications:

  1. Jackson, SL, Bereznicki,L, Peterson, GM, ‘An important role for community pharmacy in reducing evidence gaps’, Australian Pharmacist
  2. Jackson, SL, Peterson, GM, Bereznicki, L, ‘Clopidogrel-aspirin combination for atrial fibrillation: CLAAF is not CLEAR’, American Heart Journal
  3. Jackson, SL, Peterson, GM, Bereznicki, L, Misan, GM*, Jupe, DML, Vial, JH, “Improving the outcomes of anticoagulation in rural Australia: an evaluation of pharmacist-assisted monitoring of warfarin therapy”, Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics.