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It is an honor for me to be granted this prestigious scholarship from WPPF/FIP to attend the FIP congress in Bangkok Thailand this year. Being chosen for the scholarship among the Asia pacific region has given Fiji and its pharmacy profession another milestone achievement and recognition in the international pharmacy community.

Attending the FIP congress will provide me with the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the great pharmacy academics and pharmacist from around the world. It would also provide me an opportunity to represent Fiji a pacific island country and the pharmacy practice of the islands.

With involvement in academia, community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy in Fiji the experience at the congress will help me in providing wealthier knowledge to students and colleagues in Fiji. Also I will use this experience from attending the congress to help provide the Pharmaceutical Society in Fiji to further enhance their CPD programme. In addition, to this I will help assist the pharmacy board as a member to strength policies in pharmacy practice in Fiji.

Attending of the FIP congress will not only be of benefit to me but the sharing of the knowledge and experience will help my fellow pharmacist in Fiji and the region and promote further the pacific pharmacy community to get engaged with WPPF/FIP to develop pharmacy practice in the pacific.

I take this opportunity to thank the President of WPPF and the Board of FIP for providing me with this prestigious opportunity to attend the 2014 FIP congress and assist in pharmacy practice development in Fiji.

Arnold Abhishek Ram

Residential Address: 2 Alfred Road, Dilkusha, Nausori, Fiji.

Postal Address: P. O. Box 3519, Nausori, Fiji
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University of the South Pacific-Fiji

Michigan State University- United States of America

Fiji School of Medicine-Fiji

Lelean Memorial School

Dilkusha Boys School


$11.    Lecturer

Department of Health Science

College of Medicine Nursing & Health Science

Fiji National University

PH: +679 3233205 ext 3057

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$12.    Locum pharmacist in Fiji


$1·         Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologist and Toxicologists (ASCEPT)

$1·         Fiji Pharmaceutical Society

$1·         Society of Hospital Pharmacist of Fiji


2007-Current          Registered Pharmacist- Fiji (registration #: 130)



Fiji National University Representative as Board member of the Medicinal Products Board of Fiji

Appointed as an Authorised Officer under the Medicinal Products Decree of Fiji

Representative of Fiji Pharmaceutical Society to the Pharmacy Standards Committee

Fiji Representative as Councillor to the Commonwealth Pharmacist Association

Pharmaceutical Society Combined Conference- Send by Fiji School of Medicine, a

fourth year student


Pharmaceutical Society and Society of Hospital Pharmacist of Fiji

Carnival; as part of Fiji School of Medicine Health Tent (

2010-2011       Project Coordinator ‘Making A Difference’ Project: Dilkusha Excelsior

Kickers Club in partnership with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation

2004-2012       Secretary- Dilkusha Excelsior Kickers Soccer Club- Nausori