Healthcare Statistics Unit,

Clinical Research Centre (CRC),

Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Student Affairs Officer,

Young Pharmacist Chapter,

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)


It is indeed a great pleasure to be chosen by Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum (WPPF)
as one of the FIP Travel Grant Scholars. Thank you to WPPF/FIP for honouring me with such
a valuable opportunity to attend the 71st International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
Congress in Hyderabad, India. Not forgetting my professional society, the MPS and my
fellow comrades in the Young Pharmacist Chapter for their continuous support!

Being one of the most prestigious international platforms for the pharmacy profession, it
means a lot to me to be able to represent my peers in Malaysia at such a platform.

I would be attending the Congress with three different identities and one simple mindset: to
learn and to share. Firstly, as a pharmacist, I would like to gain insight into the pharmacy
practice in India and other countries, particularly on how pharmacy service is integrated into
other healthcare systems and how pharmacy in other countries adapts to the emergence of
new technologies, increasing demand and increasing popularity of alternative treatments
such as herbal medicine. Secondly, as a junior healthcare researcher, I would like to share
my work in CRC, which revolves around analysis of national drug utilisation and health
services provision. It would be interesting to meet people doing similar work in their home
countries and to collaborate in the future. Finally, as a leader of young members of the
Profession, I would like to learn from all the best brains who I will be meeting, including
other young pharmacists and young pharmacist groups and to exchange ideas on how we
could work together to engage the Gen-Y pharmacists to further our professional cause.

All the knowledge and network that I gain from this Congress would be shared with my
fellow colleagues in Malaysia through my three distinct roles above as well as my
involvement in MPS and MPS-Young Pharmacist Chapter. Hopefully that would create some
positive impacts in Malaysian pharmacy scene.

With all the above, I reckon the coming FIP Congress would be one of the most challenging
and exciting weeks in my 2011. Looking forward to saying HI and be inspired by all of you
this September! Hyderabad, here I come! =D