College of Pharmacy, University of the Philippines Manila
Secretary for Internal Affairs
Young Pharmacists Group-Philippines
Bureau of Speakers, Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc.


It is a great honor and privilege for me to be chosen as one of the FIP/WPPF Travel Grant
Scholars for the 2012 FIP Centennial Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My participation in
this Centennial Congress will definitely be a life-changing experience. I first came to know of the
FIP Congress and the FIP travel grant from Mr. Roderick L. Salenga who was the first Filipino
recipient of this grant in 2008. Since then, other young Filipino pharmacists had the same
opportunity to meet pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists all over the world. I was inspired by
these fellow young pharmacists for I saw in them after their participation in the FIP Congresses, their
passion to uplift the pharmacy profession in our country based on the learning and experiences they
had during the conferences. They were also the ones who initiated the founding of the Young
Pharmacists Group (YPG)-Philippines and encouraged me to join them in leading the organization.
Joining them in the YPG was truly a worthwhile endeavor. Through my involvement with the
organization, I realized that young pharmacists, even if they have not yet proven a lot in their
respective fields, can really do so much in transforming the future of pharmacy. This coming
October, I will attend the FIP Centennial Congress with the following objectives:

1. As the Secretary for Internal Affairs of YPG-Philippines, I will represent my organization in the
Congress and present our accomplishments and future projects to YPGs of other countries and
establish collaborations with them.

2. As an educator, I will learn various best pharmacy practices and other advances in the profession
which I can share to my students and colleagues at the University of the Philippines and the
Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and to other Filipino pharmacists during my
conduct of the nationwide continuing professional education (CPE) seminars for the Philippine
Pharmacists Association.

3. And lastly, as a researcher on generic medicines and biowaivers, I will share my outputs to other
scientists/researchers and learn from them as well so as to enrich my current and future studies
and eventually contribute to the advancement of the generics industry in my country.

I am very optimistic that I can achieve the above objectives and hopefully bring more
opportunities for the pharmacy profession not just in my country but also in the western pacific
region. At this point, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Philippine Pharmacists
Association, Young Pharmacists Group-Philippines, Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum and the
International Pharmaceutical Federation for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime chance of attending
not just any ordinary conference, but a congress in celebration of the FIP Centennial! Once again,
thank you very much and see you all in Amsterdam!